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Saffola Gold - Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil, 5 L Jar

₹ 679 799
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Saffola Gold, Pro Healthy Lifestyle Edible Oil is a blend of 80% refined rice bran oil and 20% refined safflower oil. MUFA and PUFA: Saffola Gold has fatty acids to help give you a balance of MUFA and PUFA. Nutri-Lock Technology and Multi-Seed Technology: Protects the natural goodness of the oil and also gives you the best of two oils in one. LOSORBTM Technology: Saffola Gold ensures 20% lower absorption of oil in your food. Saffola Gold blended cooking oil contains the power of natural anti-oxidant that helps reduce free radicals and thus keeps your heart healthy. Saffola edible oils are enriched with Vitamin A, D which are good for the Immune system and bone health.

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